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Brand & Communication



Building brands for growth

Brand success is ultimately dependent on consumer behaviour. The brand a consumer chooses depends primarily on two factors, power in the mind (how people feel about a brand) and power in the market (the situational factors such as price and availability that may modify behaviour).

Understanding the dynamics of decision making is critical in order to influence brand choice.  This is challenging as the environment in which brands operate is complex and it is increasingly difficult to manage all of the elements that influence attitudes and behaviours.

As the world’s leading brand and communications research agency, we have more conversations with the world’s consumers than anyone else.  We understand people and can provide a precise understanding of how they make decisions, their underlying motivations and the strategies that can be employed to grow and protect share.

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Paul Gareau
Senior Vice President

Cesar Zea
Vice President

Mark Russell
Vice President



Customer Experience



Building relationships for growth

Successful and growing companies recognise customers as an asset to drive growth through retention, increased spend and attracting new customers. And they know the importance of employees in delivering the optimal customer experience.

Successful companies build a loyal customer base by creating and consistently delivering outstanding customer experiences by focusing on the areas that really matter most to customers. They go beyond employee engagement by establishing a high performance culture that delivers value to customers and provides growth for the organisation.

Kantar TNS is the world’s leading agency for customer and employee research with a network of over 800 experts in more than 80 countries and world class solutions that are used by over half of Fortune Top 100 companies. The solutions we offer provide clear, tailored and actionable direction to help clients identify what really matters to their customers, optimise their services and processes and deliver the optimal customer experience.

More information on our growth tools and related case studies here

2016 infographic:
Linking Canadian customers’ experiences to their banking preferences

TNS - Canadian Retail Banking Monitor


Paul Pacheco
Senior Vice President, National Head of Customer Strategies

Susan Sanei-Stamp
Senior Research Director & Head of Financial Sector Research (Toronto)



Innovation & Product Development



Powering innovation-led growth

New products and services are the lifeblood of successful businesses – and yet over 80 percent of new products fail. Even successful launches do not always result in top-line growth.

At Kantar TNS we understand that the incremental potential of an idea is what matters most. Cannibalisation destroys value and is a particular risk for line extensions, the most frequent form of product launch.

Our individual-based models challenge traditional, aggregate approaches to help our clients understand the true incremental impact of a new product or service. We also believe it is essential to take the guesswork out of the front end of the innovation process by identifying and prioritising the right opportunities before ideation to find high potential growth ideas and increase speed to market.

More information on our growth tools and related case studies here


Margaret McKellar
Vice President

Mohamed Moussa
Research Director






Inspiring growth

At Kantar TNS Qualitative, we really care about the value that good qualitative research can bring to your business, and how it can make the difference between standing still and inspiring growth.

Your marketplace today probably looks more fragmented than ever. And greater connectivity alone doesn't equal greater understanding. As unique individuals, consumers remain just as elusive and unpredictable as ever.

Our 600 qualitative researchers focus on the importance of context to help you understand who people really are as individuals, not just as consumers, across every cultural, economic and political region of the world.

Combining the best traditions of qualitative and transformative thinking, our world-class practitioners design the appropriate research approach to address your specific contextual issues and provide you with a real understanding of what your customers want.

We deliver growth-focused insights to inspire you with new ways of looking at your business.

More information on our growth tools and related case studies here



Patti Moran
Senior Vice President

William O'Connor
Vice President



Retail & Shopper



Driving growth from shopper insights

Kantar TNS has spent over 30 years observing shopper behaviour. We know where shoppers go, what they do, what they look at and how they feel. Finding ways to apply the understanding of shopper behaviour, to better connect shoppers to your products, is fundamental for growing brand and category sales. We know that the primary drivers of shopper behaviour and product choice are shopping missions and consumer usage occasions. We know that you need to meet the needs of both ‘Open’ and ‘Decided’ shoppers. We know that making it faster and easier for shoppers to find the products they want is proven to increase shopper spending.

We apply these principles across all elements of the shopper purchase journey using in-store observation, virtual reality stores and a range of qualitative and quantitative techniques, to devise strategies and tactics that drive category and brand growth.

More information on our growth tools and related case studies here


Deborah Bobier
Senior Research Director (Toronto)


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